Budgie Pornos

Race:  Chaos Renegade
Coach:  John
You musk udderly lack taste if you bawk at the idea of hart sex!

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June 17th, 2019 - old news
Sequel Misprints
The numbers after "Meat the Parrots" and "This is Spaniel Tap" refer to their roster numbers, and are not intended to be part of their names.

Meat the Parrots 2 was a big-budget production, although the plot was STILL as dry and stale as Polly's crackers.

No sequels were ever released to the original "This is Spaniel Tap 11." The company was raided by the Feds for animal abuse, and as upstanding and moral peddlers of reasonably-priced Alternative Sexual Exploratory Films, we would never wish to suggest otherwise,

"Dicks Pack a Bull 3," on the other hand, is everything a sequel should be and more. Dick #3, affectionately known around here as "Really Freakin' Big Richard," really elevated the plot with his gentle prodding and the thrust of his arguments.
- John
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FFBBL Season 1
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